A big change

Sometimes life calls for a shake up. This is one of those times.

For months I’ve debated requesting the rights back on my Jewel Intrigue Series. It’s not an easy decision, no longer can you rely on a publisher to handle all the gory business details. But that convenience comes with a price. You spend months writing a book, only to sign away all rights and turn it over to someone else. Give up any and all creative control.

I want it back.

Still, jumping into the world of Indie Publishing has consequences. Everything, and I mean everything, is on you. That can be intimidating. But I have ideas that won’t go away. There’s a specific direction I want to go, one my publisher refuses to implement. So…I’m ready to take the plunge and see where it takes me.


Appropriately enough, over the Independence Day holiday I sent that formal request to my publisher. I liked the symbolism. Freedom to take my stories where I want them to go. No Fear! No Restrictions! No Idea What I’m Doing!

Doesn’t matter. It’s full steam ahead.

So…What now? Lots of folks have already made this leap. It’s not like I’m blazing the trail or anything. But this is new to me, and well, I’m one of those people… I need a plan. I want speadsheets. And how about a life raft?

One of those inflatable flamingos would be nice.

I know what you’re thinking. IT’S 2020! This is not the year for making big decisions! That has occurred to me. I’m jumping in anyway. It’s sink or swim.

I’ve started revisions on all 3 of my Jewel Intrigue books. Suspense & Adventure is the new game in town. There’s still romance, but HELLO PLOT…FRONT & CENTER PLEASE! Nothing I love better than an adventure. Give me layers of intrigue, high-flying action, and a snappy pace to fire the imagination. It keeps those pages turning.

You too, you say? Well, stay tuned.

Also . . . What do you think about an Author Newsletter? Yes? No? I’ve got one, I just rarely send one out. But it’s pretty cool. It has travel pictures. Places like Key West, Australia, St. Lucia, and a spooky house in Salem, MA. Because GHOSTS. *shiver*

But there’s also NEWS. Updates. If you’d like the inside scoop on when this Indie thing is happening . . .When new books are going LIVE. . . Sign up by clicking this very nice link below.

And wish me luck in The New Adventures of Author Land!


  1. I am so proud of you good luck on your new venture prayers are with you. We need to get together for lunch soon.

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