Phantom Pearl


She pushed the edge of legal in her hunt for priceless antiquities. He’s a special agent out to stop her. Betrayals of the past turn life-threatening for both as they battle an unexpected enemy.

“Badass characters and action-packed scenes take you across the world, there is no time to get bored or lose focus.”

Brazen: Riki Maddox is not your average tomb-raiding treasure hunter. Her targets are carefully chosen to wound her father’s killers, the Japanese Yakuza. To thwart their quest to recapture World War II loot initially stolen by Japanese forces, she puts herself in constant danger–and in the sights of a man as driven and as daring as she is.

Dauntless: Working for the Department of Homeland Security, Special Agent Dallas Landry is a rare breed: an academic with an unmatched thirst for adventure. He had a perfect success rate recovering stolen art and antiquities–until he came up against a menace known as Riki Maddox. She’s tarnished his reputation and stopping her becomes his number one priority.

Enemies: The two will cross paths once again in Australia–on a quest for the legendary Phantom Pearl, a priceless mammoth tusk carved by 15th century monks. Barely one step ahead of the Yakuza, it’s a three-way race to recover the long-lost treasure. One Riki is hell-bent to win. But playing games against a federal agent like Dallas will cost more than her freedom. The chase will demand she risk her life, but promises something sweeter than revenge as reward.

Phantom Pearl is the third stand-alone book in the Jewel Intrigue series, a tale of determined rivals, lost history, hidden betrayal, and a badass heroine carrying a grudge.

Race into adventure with all three Jewel books today!

Like to see an excerpt? Read chapter 1 here:  YES! SHOW ME THAT CHAPTER!

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♥♥  In a story that successfully weaves fact and fiction together, Phantom Pearl is sure to delight any Romantic Suspense reader.

♥♥ What a suspense and danger filled adventure! With vivid images, the author paints a world where I wanted to step in and be part of!

♥♥  Badass characters and action-packed scenes take you across the world, there is no time to get bored or lose focus.

♥♥ Coming off ‘Phantom Pearl’ is akin to stepping off the platform of a roller-coaster ride still woozy and dazed, with the sun a little too bright in my eyes. It’s that exciting a ride which makes you—quite paradoxically—want to slow down to savor every moment of it.

♥♥ I loved the Phantom Pearl!!  What a tumultuous ride!!  Such an exciting ride that it has you reading at breakneck speed just to find out what happens!!

♥♥ This was an action packed and intelligent romantic suspense that just kept on going!

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