Okay, now what?

UH OH. I got what I asked for. But…

The books! Where have they gone?

They are officially missing. Not a copy to be found and it’s all my fault. I asked for my rights back and they actually GAVE THEM TO ME. Why would they do that?

Unbelievable, right?

Except now they’ve disappeared from book buying sites everywhere. Who knew that would happen? *snort*

NEVER FEAR! They will be coming back.

January 2021 I’ll begin releasing them again. New covers and revised content. The Jewel Intrigue Series will be like brand new! Seriously. I’ve been working hard at making some of the changes I’ve dreamed of doing since the start, and was denied. I’m excited to get them back on the market, but first things first.

I need new cover art. I’m working with someone on the concept right now. I even have choices! I don’t know how to act. But there’s more. Soooo much more. I didn’t realize how many places had my information out there. Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, I even have an author page on Amazon! They all need updating. My next several weeks look pretty daunting.

I’m also working on a super secret new series. Book #1 is done and I’m currently plotting out #2. I’ll be revealing more in the coming weeks, but it’s safe to say it’s in the same adventure style as the Jewel Series!

So bear with me while all the changes are being made. Good things are a comin’ and I’m nose to the grindstone to make it happen.

If you’d like to see sneak peeks of the new covers … or hints of the new series to come … you’re invited to sign up for my newsletter. It won’t spam your inbox, this I promise you. I’m a one track mind sort of person and right now that’s focused on series development. But I will change gears now and then and **POOF** there it will be.





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