Looking for books that take you on far-flung adventures? Look no further! The Jewel Intrigue series combine fact and fiction, weave characters through danger, deceptions, and high-stakes races. There’s diamond smuggling, modern day piracy, and long-lost treasure. Explore your way through twists and turns that will keep you reading well into the night.

But who is this author, you ask?

Well, for starters I’m someone who loves to travel. And I couldn’t stop exploring if I wanted to. Wanderlust is literally woven into my DNA. My mom has it, my grandmother had it, I’m just the latest in a generational line of travelers. But there’s more. I grew up surrounded by esoteric studies, tales of lost civilizations, mythology and archeology, ancient mysteries and secret societies. All of it seriously influences my writing, always my choice for reading, and inspires all my travel destinations.

So if you love books that delve into mysteries of the past…fast-paced plots that keep you guessing…touches of a deeper conspiracy…critters and hijinks…then you’ve come to the right place.

And check back for updates on a brand new series currently being outlined. Insurance recovery services and high-end bounty hunters are taking the stage. Stay tuned!





Thanks for dropping by!



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