welcome to non-stop action, ominous peril & captivating historical mysteries

Fact and fiction combine for a High-Adventure Suspense series full of twists and turns that keep you reading well into the night…

Everyone knows travel is my thing. I love new places, cultures, and flavors. My road not taken is archeology and it’s an obsession I’ve never lost. I use that fascination to dig through the past in search of stories to share. Then harness my inner travel agent and plan adventure trips to explore those possible book locations. I’ve scrambled over glaciers in Alaska, climbed ancient Mayan pyramids in the Yucatan, dove reef caves in the Caribbean, prowled northeast Australia’s coastal rainforest, and zip-lined through a jungle canopy in the West Indies. I’ve also fearlessly camped in Canada’s Sasquatch country.

Wait…fearless might be a stretch. A dark night spent in the heart of bigfoot territory is totally unnerving. Not even kidding.

Questionable judgment aside, I couldn’t stop exploring if I wanted to. And it’s not my fault. According to science, wanderlust is an actual gene – DRD4. This means travel is not just a thing I enjoy, it’s literally woven into my DNA. A family trait. I have it, my mom has it, my grandmother had it too. I grew up surrounded by esoteric studies, tales of lost civilizations, mythology and archeology, ancient mysteries and secret societies. It seriously influences my writing, always my choice for reading, and inspires all my travel destinations.

So if you love books that take you on far-flung adventures, that weave characters through danger, deceptions, or a high-stakes race for long-lost treasure, then you’ve come to the right place. Explore your way through the Jewel Intrigue Novels and check back for updates on a brand new series currently being plotted and outlined. Insurance recovery services and high-end bounty hunters are taking the stage. Stay tuned…                 




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