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I’m a writer. Doesn’t matter the format. Long stories, short stories, essays, travel journals, recipes, long-winded emails, you name it. The World of Words is my element. So is geography, which is why I love to travel then write about it! But here you’ll find articles I’ve penned on various topics or the occasional blog post I’ve participated in. The page titled ‘Wanderlust’ has stories about places I’ve visited over the years.

Below are links to the articles…And don’t worry, I’ll spare you the recipes and emails. Wait, no guarantee on the recipes, because I’m totally into those cooking channels. And maybe I should mention that HGTV is like an addiction. I might sneak in a DIY project. Or disaster. Because sometimes I’m chock full of unjustifiable confidence in non-existent abilities and plow in feet first, because you know, it just looks sooooo easy on TV.


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