Diamond Legacy


Diamonds ruined his life and now he’s on a path of revenge. Until the day a protective zoologist stood in his way, forcing a choice he never intended to make.

Driven: Miranda Parrish is a world-renowned veterinarian specialist with expertise in endangered species. She’s fearless and will go anywhere an animal is in need. But when she journeys to Katanga, an animal sanctuary in the heart of Botswana, she falls into a diamond smuggling operation and interferes with an undercover investigation.

Merciless: Special agent Matt Bennett’s parents were murdered by a ruthless arms dealer when he was fourteen. He’s fiercely committed to avenging their deaths and curbing the cycle of violence threatening southern Africa. Diamonds always lead to weapons and he’d followed the trail straight to Katanga. Posing as an employee, he had every intention of busting the source wide open.

Collision: He never expected to battle a stubborn vet, one who let nothing stand in the way of protecting her clientele. When she comes between him and the vengeance he craves, sparks begin to fly. Surrounded by veiled threats, Matt and Miranda must find common ground in order to save Katanga, and both of their lives, before justice slips away.

Diamond Legacy is the first stand-alone book in the Jewel Intrigue series and an unlikely romance between two opposites. High risk and daring action, deception and betrayal, a klepto monkey named Roz, and a charismatic secondary character that threatens to steal the show.

Like to see an excerpt? Read chapter 1 here:  YES! SHOW ME THAT CHAPTER!

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♥♥ A hunky hero, a smart and sassy heroine, a gorgeous setting that will take your breath away, and suspense/action that will have you up all night reading – this book has that and more!

♥♥ This was my first experience with this author, so I had no idea what to expect. What I found was an exciting story set in Africa. The author’s descriptions made the location seem real and beautifully untamed.

♥♥ Between stakeouts and molotov cocktails, there was non stop action that had me on the edge of my seat. And what made it even better was having a heroine that wasn’t a shrinking violet when it came to danger… Oh no, that girl held her own and then some.

♥♥ The author’s storytelling is intriguing and entertaining. Not only was I transformed to another country through her words, I came to care for Matt and Miranda, but even her secondary character found his way into my heart.

♥♥ Incredibly entertaining high adventure read, written with off-beat humour.

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