Alaska Bound





I’m a travel freak. Totally love going places. I’m fairly certain I’m part Gypsy. That’s why I’m known as Adventure Girl in my local RWA writing chapter – Nashville’s own Music City Romance Writers.  All of the following articles appeared in Love Notes, their monthly online newsletter.

That said, I spent four years living and working in Alaska – From King Salmon to Fairbanks and a whole bunch of places in between. Took advantage of every opportunity for adventure, tying to see as much of that great big state as I could. I experienced a lot of fantastic places and loved every minute, but there’s still so much more to see. Which only means I need to go back. Seriously … I can’t wait. =)

1)   Hello King Salmon, Alaska

2)  Flying Tigers

3)  Tundra, Whales, & Beavers, Oh my!

4)  King Ko Vice

5)  Wild Alaska

6)  Last Call

7)  Hot Toddies & Fast Potties

8)  Scanoeing 101

9)  Frozen Fishes



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