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International Suspense and Adventure



CRYSTAL PROPHECY – A young adult adventure

She’s never been kissed. He’ll never be an archeologist. Until the day they’re thrown together on a rainforest expedition and everything changed. The price? A blind seer delivers a dire warning – A discovery looms, one surrounded in danger, chaos and fear. Evil seeks it, they must guard and defend it. Sure, there’s that whole protection of a water goddess thing, but the challenge may still prove more than they can conquer alone.


BLACK SAPPHIRE – Jewel Intrigue #4

Deep in the western Everglades, lost in a tangle of mangrove swamps, there’s an abandoned missile site leftover from the edgy days of the Cold War. Isolated and all but forgotten, the bunker survives as a dark web auction site, a cybercrime network that controls the bank for private weapon sales. Anything arms dealers want to liquidate and petty dictators want to buy. Only hard and fast rule – no questions asked. Cash is king and morality plays no part.

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