Vintage glass

While we’re waiting for the writing of BLACK SAPPHIRE to finish, I thought I’d share another love of mine. ANTIQUE GLASSWARE.

I’ve been on the prowl for years and piece by piece I’ve put collections together. At first it was an odd assortment of different glasses – Pyrex, Depression, Milk, Carnival, Amberina, Crackle Glass Miniatures, you name it. But as time went by, items grew and began to cluster into sets.

Then one day I realized…I’m a bonafide collector! That’s when I got serious about studying vintage glass. I learned things. Like how easily this can turn into an addiction.

Crackle Glass Minis

Pretty colored glass wasn’t the only thing I accumulated. I love serving dishes from 1930 – 1950. I have several random pieces that I actually USE. They aren’t put away in a box somewhere. Nope. They are in my kitchen cabinets and grace my table at dinner.

I’m also a huge fan of Fiesta Ware. I love color. Which makes Fiesta perfect for me. Every one of my plates and bowls are a different shade. True confession here…these are new’ish. I have some antique Fiesta, but the pieces are more for show, not daily use. Older Fiesta dinnerware has issues. Rumor has it the stuff is RADIOACTIVE. Not kidding! Fiesta made from 1936 – 1972 has been stated to contain depleted uranium oxide in its glaze, capable of emitting very low levels of radioactivity. They say it doesn’t pose a health risk, but…

Seriously, I could go on forever, sharing details about specific vintage glass. And maybe I will as time goes by. For now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pieces. It was a gift from a wonderful friend many years ago. It’s the piece that started me on this journey of vintage glass collecting.

Westmoreland Milk Glass, circa 1950.

Lovely lace filigree edging, beautiful aqua blue milk shading, it’s too precious for me to use day to day. Instead, I display the dish in a place of honor and fill it with small crystals, gemstones, and seashells.

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