Reading to take you places

The world has changed. Overnight. We are staying at home, finding new forms of entertainment and if you’re like me, finally working that long ignored ‘to do’ list for things around the house. I’m also surprised to discover a little bit of joy in doing so. Nesting, though sudden and forced, is still a comforting thing to do.

It’s time to circle back to the simple things in life, to appreciate the home fires and find new meaning in your day to day grind. The circumstances that brought this about are frightening, that virus is frightening. It’s always on my mind. But I decided to focus on the silver lining, seek a way to turn this from a struggle to a time for personal renewal.

It’s spring, so I’m out there working the ground in preparation for flower planting. This year I decided to add spices in pretty container pots on my back patio. Tomatoes, peppers, and onions too. It feels good, connecting to Mother Nature and nurturing something to enjoy later on. If you’d like to give it a try but don’t know where to begin, there’s a handy link behind that photo that takes you to a site with wonderful, easy instructions.

I’ve organized inside too. Gone through my closet, thinning things out and making space. There’s something to be said for the minimalist lifestyle. It’s freeing. Not so much clutter to weigh you down. I’ve turned that same eye to those crammed kitchen cabinets, and that catch-all known as the utility room. Next up – the garage. Yikes.

But the unexpected gift of time also gives me space for my favorite thing to do – Reading. Well, really my favorite thing to do is travel. But that’s out right now. So…Like a lot of people I have a very long list of books on my kindle, waiting for me to come around and start turning pages. While the circumstances that give me this time are dark, I’m trying to separate from that anxiety. In doing so, I’ve discovered I can be grateful for the chance to quietly sit, to slow down and find new places to visit in BOOKS!

If you’d like to do the same, if you are searching for exotic places to go from the comfort and safety of your personal space, let me recommend THE JEWEL INTRIGUE SERIES! Yes, I’m the author, so there is that. But…all three books are set in far away places. Botswana, St. Lucia, Australia, and Singapore. Sound exciting to you? Want to give a go?





Here’s some links. Click and fly!



And stay at home.  🙂

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