Blog Tour!

Ahem…it seems this celebrity is on tour. That’s right, me, sailing the globe in a month long whirlwind of guest visits and VIP treatment. Okay, maybe that’s getting a little carried away. But it doesn’t matter. I feel like a VIP and that’s what counts, right?


Below is a list of all the places I’ll be stopping by. Hang onto your hat, it’s a long list! If you’re in the neighborhood (electronically speaking) then stop by and say hello so I’m not sitting out there all by my onesie, savvy?




9/7/15  Bookcrastinators In Wonderland

9/8/15  Review From Here

9/9/15  Around the World in Books

9/11/15  The Writer’s Life

9/14/15  Crystal’s Chaotic Confessions

9/15/15  Examiner

9/16/15  Angel’s Guilty Pleasures

9/17/15  As the Page Turns

9/18/15  Archaeolibrarian

9/21/15  Becky on Books…and Quills

9/22/15  Lisa Loves Books

9/23/15  Straight From the Author’s Mouth

9/24/15  From Paperback to Leatherbound

9/28/15  I’m Shelf-ish

9/29/15  The Dark Phantom

9/30/15  Bent Over Bookwords

10/1/15  Literal Exposure

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