Author Milestone!

Saturday, 8/29/15, was my very first book signing ever. This is a huge moment in the life of an author. At least it was for this author! Those who know me, know I’m an outdoorsy kind of person. So it was a complete thrill for me to have a librarian friend host a garden style book signing at her lovely home on the shores of the small, but beautiful, Good Neighbor Lake.

Book signing 1


It was a picture perfect day. Lots of friends, sunshine, tasty snacks, and wine slushies! We talked about what it’s like to be a debut author, where ideas come from, the publication process, and I even shared some of the funnier rejection stories from the days when I was submitting DIAMOND LEGACY to agents and editors. For a couple of hours that day I felt like a celebrity.



Book signing 3


But I have to give a special shout out to another author friend who took time out from her own writing to come with me and offer writerly support, help with some set ups, and work the book sales table for me…Kolin Mofield. She’s an up and coming thriller writer currently on the submission trail with her agent. Thank you, Kolin! Find out what she’s up to here…

With Murderous Intent I Write

So now it’s back to the keyboard for me in order to meet that deadline on book #2! It’s looking like EMERALD FIRE will turn out every bit as adventurous as my first book. There’s modern day pirates, historical treasure, and a heroine determined to get her way. Stay tuned!

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