Tiny Treats


Looking for some fun beach read anthologies? It doesn’t have to be the holidays to read funny, heartwarming, or quirky short shorts! Available as a FREE download for your ereader, tablet, or mobile phone…

Tiny Treats. 2jpg


A wonderful anthology of bite-sized romance stories perfect for reading during those precious spare minutes in your busy schedule! Included in this collection are contemporary, historical, and paranormal stories by myself as well as the following talented authors:

MJ Fredrick  –  Tanya Michaels  –  Gretchen Stull  –  Heather McGovern  –  Colleen Gleason  –  Lindsey Brookes  –  Natalie Damschroder  –  Jody Wallace  –  Michelle Monkou  –  Dorien Kelly  –  Nancy Northcott  –  Suzanne Ferrell  –  Beth Pattillo  –  Nicki Salcedo  –  Bridget Hodder  –  D.B. Sieders  –  Tawny Weber  –  Donna MacMeans  –  Sally Kilpatrick  –  Jeanette Grey  –  Anna Sugden  –  Monica McCabe  –  Maureen Hardegree  –  Janice Lynn

ALWAYS AVAILABLE:  To download your FREE copy click on a link below:


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Always available no matter the time of year! And I’ve the luck of the Irish to be in the company of so many great authors with this anthology. It’s the second in a series that is growing in popularity and the best news…it’s a FREE ebook! My story is called Blueberry Delight and is centered around Jason Harvick, a secondary character in my romantic suspense book, DIAMOND LEGACY, to be released 7/7/15.

If you’d like to read Blueberry Delight and enjoy a whole bunch of other micro-stories by a collection of fabulous authors, here’s a few links to help you do just that!


amazon kindle nook1 kobo 4 smashwords

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