Tiny Treats!


HOT OFF THE PRESSES!  Okay, more like the digital internet, but a whole bunch of super talented authors have come together and created an anthology called: TINY TREATS: A Holiday Collection. The price is just right too…FREE. I’m thrilled to be a part of it! My story is called SNOWFLAKE.  Check out the details below…

Tiny Treats. 2jpg


A wonderful anthology of bite-sized romance stories perfect for reading during those precious spare minutes in the busy holiday season. Included in this collection are contemporary, historical and paranormal stories by the following authors:

Trish Milburn – MJ Fredrick – Tanya Michaels – Gretchen Stull – Heather McGovern – Colleen Gleason – Lindsey Brookes – Natalie Damschroder – Jody Wallace – Michelle Monkou – Dorien Kelly – Nancy Northcott – Suzanne Ferrell – Beth Pattillo – Nicki Salcedo – Bridget Hodder – D.B. Sieders – Tawny Weber – Donna MacMeans – Sally Kilpatrick  – Jeanette Grey – Anna Sugden – Monica McCabe – Maureen Hardegree – Janice Lynn

Want to know more about the Tiny Treats collection & each author involved? Check out the Tiny Treats site here.


To download your FREE copy click on a link below:


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