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A Traveling Adventure – Young Adult Style

Spooky green stream in a jungle, ferns, moss, and mist

She’s never been kissed. He’ll never be an archeologist. Until the day they’re thrown together on a rainforest expedition and everything changed. The price? A blind seer delivers a dire warning – A discovery looms, one surrounded in danger, chaos and fear. Evil seeks it, they must guard and defend it. Sure, there’s that whole protection of a water goddess thing, but the challenge may still prove more than they can conquer alone.

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I’ve had this idea for a while now. It’s been building and growing and changing direction as the story developed. It started with a savvy traveling teenage heroine and her reluctant expedition into Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest, but grew into a tale of alarming prophecies, ancient mysteries, and a life-threatening discovery. It’s also the beginning of a coming-of-age friendship that strengthens and binds.

What surprised me the most were the mystical elements that found their way into the story, creating a world that links to an ancient past. I wouldn’t call the story paranormal, but there are definitely elements that stray into the unexplained. Allow me to explain…

Years ago I was driving in Arizona and landed in Prescott for the day. In the way of serendipity, I stumbled upon a little used book store and made a discovery of my own. A rare 1882 first edition book – Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly. Pristine condition. I bought that thing so fast!!! Not only was Mr. Donnelly a U.S. Senator, he was also considered the leading authority on Atlantis back in his day. I had to have it. The book is full of amazing and fascinating things and certainly stirs the imagination!

Since then I’ve read a lot on Atlantis, and not just the woowoo you can find almost anywhere. Ancient mysteries call my name, and there really are several indicators of that cataclysmic event in long ago history. I find it irresistible reading, and shouldn’t be surprised that it eventually found it’s way into one of my books.

So… Crystal Prophecy! While I didn’t start this book with Atlantis in mind, the story led itself straight down that path. I didn’t see it coming either, not until I was firmly there. Now it’s written, revised, professionally edited, and revised a bunch more.

It’s about ready for prime time!

Well, almost. I’m working with an artist on the cover now and hope to have a release date soon. Check back for updates on the progress!


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