Here Comes AUDIO

You’re never going to guess what I did!

Okay, so the header might be a dead giveaway – but I’m giddy with glee about signing a contract to move the Jewel Intrigue Series into the exciting world of audiobooks. Long overdue, you say? I completely agree. I’ve been wanting to jump into that pool for a while now so when opportunity knocked, I dove in.

Another reason for taking that flying leap – I adore listening to books. Mainly because like everyone else these days, I’m beyond busy. The luxury of sitting down to read is rare. What I do have though, is a demanding job that includes two hours a day commute time. Something I used to deeply resent, until I realized it’s perfect for devouring audio. And believe me, I do that with a vengeance! Why, you ask? True story – While I love living in Nashville, the traffic here is a total unending nightmare. Listening to a good book makes it somewhat tolerable. It’s still bad, you just don’t care as much.

Repeat after me: ARRRGH!

If this describes your reality as well, I’d be willing to bet you have Scribd or Audible or some other subscription service on your mobile. I use Scribd. It’s less expensive than Audible, has more to offer, and it’s truly unlimited.

So when I had an opportunity to sign with Scribd for audio, I decided to go for it. My Jewel Intrigue Series is currently being produced and as soon as they are available, I’ll post the news. Might even snag me a billboard so the rest of Nashville traffic can see the audio light and chill out with me. LOL

Stay tuned!

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