In the immortal words of King Julian of Madagascar fame …

After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided to … publish paperback versions of the Jewel Intrigue Series!

Seriously, that took work. I had to learn things. It was hard. But thanks to perseverance and good friends willing to help, the deed is done. Without further ado –

I also had to learn graphic design. And what I lack in expertise, I make up for with rosy optimism. Because I see this as my shining moment, a crowning achievement in my growing author career.

Now that I’ve climbed this mountain, it’s time to get back to the actual writing. I’ve got characters who are impatiently waiting for their story to be told. Like Jason Harvick. He was a big part of Diamond Legacy, played a cameo in Emerald Fire, and now it’s his turn. I’m halfway through BLOOD RUBY, a tale of black market arms sales being smuggled out of the Everglades. Jason is going to meet his match in Key West – a resolute park ranger on the hunt for a missing sister.

Back to the keyboard I go!

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