pardon the dust

I’m in the middle of ripping apart this website, then tackling the challenge of reconstruction. The only guarantee is this will be a bumpy road. I have just enough know-how to cause trouble and not enough to fix the mess I leave behind. It’s daunting to say the least. If none of that scares you and you’re still willing to navigate my other pages, please be patient when you hit a brick wall.

But the stars are aligning and my indie book publishing career is on the edge of launching. I’ve scored some fantastic new covers and can’t wait to share them. I’ve worked revisions in all three Jewel books. I’ve written two hilarious short stories, a complete YA adventure novel with exciting Atlantis undertones (I need a movie deal!), and mapped out a whole new romantic suspense series that will knock the socks off readers that love international intrigue.

So the saying goes…Good things come to those that wait. And I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to get all this all pulled together. If we believe in old sayings (and we certainly do) then all this nail biting, hair pulling, stress inducing time I’ve spent will be worth the effort!

We’re close to finding out!

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