I haz a trophy now

When it comes to winning, my luck is hit and miss. Once (a long time ago) I guessed how many jelly beans were in a massive jar and won an entire sports package, which is ironic since I’ve never been sports inclined. I’m more the bookish sort. Another time I won this massive American flag that’s big enough to be classified as a king-sized bedspread. And then there’s the time I hit a $250 jackpot on a Vegas slot machine. That was pretty thrilling. But those exciting times are few and far between.

The one thing I’ve never won – a trophy for anything. Until now!


PHANTOM PEARL – The Crown Jewel of Books 2018!

I’m seriously going to buy one of those trophy display cases just show off this beauty. It might be the only thing going in it, but I don’t care! I won!


Okay. That’s great and all (it truly is!), but reality is that I’m back at the keyboard, hard at work on the next installment of the Jewel Series. BLACK SAPPHIRE is shaping into a fabulous tale of arms smuggling, dark money, and black market auction sites. I’m betting it’s going to be another winner!

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