Story Behind The Story

Fellow traveler and Kensington author, Alli Sinclair, has a wonderful Story Behind the Story blog feature on her website. Guess who is the guest of honor today? Moi! We’re talking about what inspires you to write a book. For me…that answer is easy. LOCATION! And I’m always on the prowl for the next spot to explore. What about you? Drop by and tell me your dream vacation destination and you will automatically be entered into a giveaway too. Free Jewel Intrigue book of your choice. Wowza!


Here’s my dream vacation. Can you guess where it is?

Hint:  It’s in Italy  =)



So stop on by and let’s chat. LINKY LINK TO ALLI SINCLAIR  And be sure to check out Alli’s books while you’re there. They are truly fabulous!

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