It’s 2018 and adventure is calling! Where do you plan on going this year?

That’s a question I ask myself almost daily. If you’ve visited my pages before, you know that wanderlust is constantly harping at me, dangling a newly minted passport and tempting me with colorful travel destinations. To be honest, I don’t even try to resist. I love going places, experiencing new things. It’s my superpower and the driving force behind my Jewel Intrigue Novels. Every story begins with a location and wraps around the imagery.

That’s why I’m thrilled to usher in the New Year with beautifully redesigned covers for the entire series. There’s a striking fresh look, and a big-time move into Kensington’s new romantic suspense line – Lyrical Liaison. It’s the perfect home for a vibrant series chock full of exotic locales, fast-paced action, and adventurous characters!







If you’d like to join me in celebrating this exciting new turn in the Jewel Intrigue Series, I invite you to explore any one of the stand-alone escapades. Journey to Africa with Diamond Legacy, where diamond smuggling meets its match against a stubborn veterinarian. Or bask in the West Indies with Emerald Fire, and hold your breath as a bounty hunter takes on modern day pirates. Maybe trek Down Under to Australia with Phantom Pearl, and join the quest for a WWII mystery that sparks an intense battle for a 15th century artifact.

Wherever you choose to roam, enjoy the journey, and may the wind forever fill your sails.


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