G’Day Australia!

I love to travel. I love to write. Setting a book in a locale I want to see just so I can travel there for research? Priceless!

I’m currently writing book 3 in the JEWEL INTRIGUE SERIES. It is set in Queensland, Australia and Singapore. Google Earth is fabulous for the lay of the land, but there is nothing like being there to really bring the sights, sounds, and tastes alive. So in May of this year, we packed our bags and took that 17 hour flight to the bottom of the planet. It was an over-the-top two weeks – undoubtedly one of the most spectacular vacations I’ve ever enjoyed. And it started in Sydney.




Coral Sea at tropical north Queensland









Snorkled on the GREAT BARRIER REEF



Visited Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary where I got to feed a kangaroo.


And pet a KOALA!!











Then there was TASMANIA –
IMG_0592 IMG_0892










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