Mystic, CT

We just returned from a week spent roaming from Boston to Cape Cod to Mystic, CT. Needless to say, it was amazing. From the history to the scenery, it’s a trip we thoroughly enjoyed. But the main reason for visiting was book research on my second romantic suspense…EMERALD FIRE. It’s about a stolen yacht and a hero who owns a tall ship restoration shop in Mystic, CT.


So it was a working vacation, to gather information, take pictures, and soak up all things nautical. But we loved it so much that it wasn’t even close to work. Visiting Mystic Seaport was the best part of it all, climbing through tall ships, touring a historical boat building shop, and seeing a slice of life from the glory days of the high seas. Mystic is a fantastic place, the quintessential New England harbor town. Beautiful. Charming. Full of history. If you haven’t been, it really must go on your list. No doubt I’ll post several times about it. One thing is certain, I’ll definitely be back.  =)


  1. What a great vacation being able to tie in research for your novel and seeing the landscape in person! I have heard through the grapevine, you have a couple of blog events and features coming, can you tell us a little about it and where we might attend?

    1. Thank you! Mystic was wonderful and I felt a little like a movie scout, looking for prime locations to set my story world. =) And yes, I do have a couple of blog type events coming up! Both are exciting for me and I’ll get a post made with links and everything. Stay tuned!

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