Adventure – it’s not just a word

Adventure doesn’t have to be trekking off to the Yucatan to climb ancient Mayan pyramids. It doesn’t have to mean riding a zip-line in Costa Rica, or scuba-diving in Belize. Those are grand to be sure, but adventure can be as simple as exploring your nearby state park. The point is to go somewhere you’ve never been before, dare to do things that stretch your boundaries. Tailor that jaunt to push your imagination, your sense of wonder and excitement, and your view of the world around you. Adventure should be fun and educational, and most importantly, a state of mind.

When we lose that drive to grow, to expand our horizons, that’s when age sets in. You’ve heard about the eighty-five year old grandmother who jumps out of an airplane in tandem? There’s a person still nurturing their inner adventurer, a person who still believes life has new things to offer.

The adage, “You’re as young as you feel” has adventure at its core. Boredom ages a soul. We were meant to learn, to expand, to move mind and body ever forward. Children see wonder in every little thing. It’s all new and exciting. There’s no reason for that to go away as we grow older. The world is wide my friends, you can spend an entire lifetime exploring places near and far and never run out of things to see and do.

“You’re as young as you feel.” As adults we can enhance that excitement with…anticipation. I enjoy the planning almost as much as the doing. That’s not to say jaunts can’t be spontaneous, sometimes those can be surprising and the best of fun. Unexpected opportunities for adventure, big or small, spike feel good endorphins. That’s what makes life rich and rewarding – the moments that take our breath away, make us laugh, and fill us with a sense of amazement.

Adventure. It’s not just a word. It’s an attitude, a way of life. Be it. Live it. Get out there and do it.



  1. What a wonderful article on adventure. I often forget there are spots within an hour that I have never seen and will take the time to visit. Good luck on your upcoming release, Diamond Legacy, very excited to read it!

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