Publishing Milestone # 1

DIAMOND LEGACY is scheduled for release on July 7, 2015. That’s awesome, right? You bet it is! But I already have a success story to share!

NetGalley is a site where new books go for pre-launchDL ebook reviews by professional readers. Diamond Legacy was uploaded about a month ago. Today I discover it’s on the MOST REQUESTED list for Kensington books! I’m way down there, but hey, I’M ON THE LIST! Since I’m a debut author, I’m probably way more excited than I should be. But I’m happy dancing inside. :~)

Can’t wait for more good things to come!

One comment

  1. I for one have no doubt on the success, present and future of Diamond Legacy!!! The adventure, suspense and thrilling characterization will draw readers in your fan base will explode!

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