Weed Slayer

round up

I don’t know about your yard, but mine is a constant battle. Weeds want world domination. Sometimes it feels like they are winning. Especially in our 750′ long gravel driveway. In the past we’ve taken out a second mortgage and invested in industrial quantities of Round Up. It works, but I don’t like to use it. The way I see it…the stuff is scary…it’s chemical poison. I’ve dogs and cats that I won’t let outside after spraying. And I stress over the possible contamination of squirrels, bunnies, and other varmints that run around our country house.

I was lamenting this one day at work and someone said…I have another solution. A cheaper, environmentally friendlier alternative to the chemical bomb known as Round Up. He said he uses it in his yard and swears by it.

With nothing to lose, I tried it. Guess what…IT WORKS!



1 gallon white vinegar

1/4 cup Dawn (blue kind)

2 cups Epsom Salt


Combine ingredients in a standard yard sprayer and go to town on those weeds. For about $5 in product you can reclaim that ground you lost to weed invasion. I promise. But like Round Up, be careful to use it selectively because it will wither anything it comes in contact with. Including green grass. It’s definitely not a weed and feed. It’s a weed KILLER.




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