New Releases!

I’m super happy to share in the excitment of TWO new releases by friends of mine. Both are amazing authors, both are in my RWA chapter…MCRW, and both new books are witchy paranormals!

  By:  Jody Wallace x
  I’m one of the lucky ones who got to read this one before it xhit the masses. And I LOVE it. Witches & Werewolves in a xtea room, now that’s unique! Ms. Wallace has talent and a sdistinct way of writing action and humor, all rolled into one sentertaining read!
   By:  Trish Milburn
xTrish Milburn loves to write. And she does a fabulous job of xit too. I’ve read several of her books and recommend her xhighly! Doesn’t matter if it’s her Harlequin contemporaries xor her young adult (YA), Ms. Milburn can spin a fabulous xyarn.  I’ve already got this one in my ‘To Be Read’ pile.

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