Word Power

All Hail…The Art of a Well Crafted Sentence. 


     I have mad respect for anyone who can give an xxinstant chill-inducing picture with just one xxsentence. It takes skill, imagination, & incredible xxtalent to craft a few words into something that tells xxa much bigger picture.


It’s all in the way you string those words together, unusual yet concise, visual and with style. Want some examples? Here’s a few great ones:

~ ~ ~

Bad Guy from Season 3 Finale of Castle:

“You must’ve been bad if the devil sent a punishment like me.” 

Ooooooh…Heavens above! You just know this guy is about to inflict real pain. There’s going to be some serious scary happening real quick. And we’re glued to the screen to see what kind of creepy is going down.

~ ~ ~

From Neal Caffrey on Season 3 of White Collar:

“You have judgment on speed dial.”

Neal, the handsome and charming art thief, is talking to Peter, the straight-laced FBI agent. How’s that for instant characterization? Only six words and yet there’s no doubt as to Neal’s assessment of Peter and how it applies to his  situation. Doesn’t it make you wonder what Neal has done to warrant that kind of expectation from Peter? Is it deserved? Is Neal up to something? That one statement opens up a Pandora’s box of questions that makes me itch to find the answers.

~ ~ ~

From Drake Stone in the movie ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’: 

“I have prescription grade abandonment issues.”

Whoa. By his own admission, this dude is seriously messed up. Whatever craziness happens, we completely understand. He’s got major problems. From this sentence on, I’m expecting to see the guy go off the leash. I don’t know about you, but I want to keep watching to see what kind of mayhem is headed his way.

~ ~ ~

All three of those dialogue pieces are short, but they pack huge punch. They’re mini sentences that deliver over-the-top imagery and strong characterization. 

The saying…Talk Is Cheap… well, its wrong on so many levels. Conversation and internal monologue shouldn’t be empty words to fill a page. They should be every bit as detailed, powerful, and visual as our imaginations. 

After all, it’s what makes the difference between a ho-hum scene to relay information, or something totally delicious that grabs you, pulls you in, and holds you there.

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