The Importance of Fungi

I went hiking last weekend and found these on a fallen branch.


xxFreakishly beautiful, isn’t it? Notice the layers. xxOne after the other, each building on the previous.



Writing a book is like that. It’s a complex process that requires construction in stages. I’ve never heard of anyone that just sits down and writes a book in one draft. It takes many, many drafts. And with each one the story grows deeper and more defined. 

You start with the bones of the story, layer in plot points, foreshadowing, action, dialogue, and characterization. There’s research, world-building, and thousands of sensory details to weave together in a fresh and original way. Then there are surprises, twists you didn’t see coming when deep in your first draft. Ideas are like that sometimes.  You aim one direction and find yourself moving somewhere else entirely.  

But that’s the beauty of it. Creating quality and engaging fiction takes time. There’s nothing better than to be reading a book and be unable to put it down. And those surprise endings? The satisfying happy-ever-afters? That’s what happens when we writers have done our job well.

So yes, writing is like fungi. An idea sits in the forest of your mind, takes hold, and builds into a story layer by layer. It’s a fantastic business. I write for the challenge, I read for the pleasure, and when words take me to another place and time? I remember that great writing is what makes the read effortless. 

Creating that is astronomically hard. 


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