eReader agony

My birthday is in two short weeks. I tell you this not to let everyone know, because Facebook takes care of that, I mention it because I already know what my present is and that knowledge is causing mortal agony. My husband has decided to inflict…er…gift me with a choice, one that I’m struggling to make.  

Nook? Or Kindle?  

Two weeks. That’s all the time I have left to make this major decision.  

I’m here to tell you that’s not easy. Though I’ve toyed with wanting an ereader for well over a year, I hadn’t seriously stepped up to buy one. It was a ‘someday’ kind of thing. Then my birthday loomed on the horizon and Mr. McCabe said…’I know you want this ereader thing, so pick one out.” What? He knows I’m not the type to make this kind of purchase on the fly. Oh no. I’ve got to research to the ‘nth degree. Plot it, chart it, spreadsheet it, then stew on it. You should see me try to buy a car. I’m a salesman’s worst nightmare.

But that’s a decision for another year. Right now I had work to do… 

I’m on about a hundred different writer loops (seems like anyhow). If an ereader is mentioned, I’ve studied every posted word. I’ve even tossed a few questions out there myself. I’ve read Consumer Reports. I’ve Googled all available devises. I’ve poured over breathtaking comparison charts that made me gasp in admiration. I’ve even accosted strangers on the street when I’ve spotted them ereading and peppered them with questions. The result is that out of the many ereaders out there, I’ve boiled my decision down to two…Nook or Kindle. 

I’ve decided that I want both. “Not happening,” hubby says, “can’t afford both.” We’re still paying on that little termite problem at our house, you see. Who knew those rotten ratfinks could be so expensive to eliminate?  

So…not both then. I must decide. And I’ve only two weeks to do it. Which means I made a list. 

KINDLE PRO’s – simplistic, easy to use, attractive price, no outdoor screen issues, longer battery life with the black & white pearl e-ink display, 3G, 4G, & WiFi capable, easy navigation, 4GB space holds 3,500 books.

KINDLE CON’s – Limited to Amazon purchases only, no library sharing, need a lighted case for nighttime reading, black and white display, mini keyboard instead of touch screen.

NOOK PRO’s – attractive color display, backlit for easy reading, can purchase material at a variety of locations, can borrow from the library, slightly larger screen with touch navigation, SD card slot for additional storage, WiFi capable, runs apps & can access email.

NOOK CON’s – higher price, slightly less storage (not a real con though as it still holds a few thousand books and there’s that SD card thing), less battery life because of the color display, slightly heavier (though we’re only talking ounces here), backlit screen tiring on the eyes, WiFi only with no 3G or 4G capability (only a factor for power users).

Result? Either would work for me. But in the end, I’m being seduced the Nook Color’s lovely display. And the apps. Not that I need them, but they are there and that’s cool. But check back tomorrow, I’ll probably have changed my mind by then. 



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