Very informative article on Fast Company ezine written by Irin Carmon. It’s about the delightful Ms. Angela James of Carina Press, the popularity of ebooks, mentions digital publishers, and I’m thrilled to say – it also features Music City Romance Writers (MCRW)!!

Ms. Carmon attended our April meeting because Angela James graciously flew in to give us a presentation on the world of digital publishing. It was a very enlightening meeting, which you’ll see when you read all the info in this article. And the icing on the cake? Two MCRW members (and friends of mine) are quoted in the write up. Sweet!

Check it out > > > LINK > > >  FAST COMPANY ARTICLE!

I was also lucky enough to sit next to Ms. Carmon.  She had a Mac laptop and I kept sneaking peeks. As a PC user it was the first time I’d laid eyes on the workings of Apple (no, I don’t have an iphone, or an ipad, though I’d like both!). It looked most awesome. Sadly, the one thing Ms. Carmon didn’t mention in her article is what a friendly and witty table companion I am. Had to be because she’d hit her word count. I mean, I’m awesome too. Just ask anybody…honest…


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