Critter Fame

My entire life I’ve had pets. Cats mostly, but there’s been a veritable zoo parading through my life. To me, a house without a happy critter isn’t a home. So I guess it’s only natural that critters turn up in my stories too. Here’s a few of the stars that have found their way into the pages of book history.


Boscoe, or Boss Man as we call him, made his debut appearance in DIAMOND LEGACY. His role was short, but he’s okay with it. Adding the Cool Factor to a romance didn’t rank high on his hipster meter. He has plenty of other things to do, like rule the household. He left the fame pandering to the dogs. 





Woggy is the star of EMERALD FIRE. She’s a total ham, has no concern over dignity, and drools all over whatever makes her happy. When I offered her a role in the story I had to break out the bucket. Her joy soaked everything she came in contact with.



Picture #1 – Sam at 3 months. Picture # 2 – at 1 year.  Don’t let the lazy photos fool you. Sam goes 90 miles an hour constantly. Especially if there’s a frisbee involved. He doesn’t have a book yet, but I’m working hard at  finding just the right role for him.



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